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  Things to Consider when planning a loft

loft staircaseHip to gable, rear dormer window, sky light conversions ?

The first thing to decide when planning a loft conversion is

  1. Do you have the space?
  2. What type of loft conversion do you want?
  3. Are you in restricted area?
  4. What will you use the extra space for?
  5. Do you plan to build yourself?
  6. Do you want the lowest builder quote?

knowing the answer to these basic questions may save you considerable of time and money.

Do you have the space? if you cannot stand in your existing loft space then it may cost over the odds to lower the ceiling on the floor below to gain the 2.1m ceiling height in the loft.

what will you use the additional space for? For most of us a loft conversion will provide additional bedrooms. as you are working within the confines of an already existing space the design and having plans prepared will mean the difference between a well designed usable space to a uncomfortable unapproved one.

Do you plan to build yourself? A loft conversion is a fairly difficult project for the average DIY enthusiast to complete and so should be left to those who have experience, however if you are a builder our service can be modified to suite your requirements from material lists, structural calculations, 3d visuals, interior design concepts, and much more.

Do you want the lowest builder quote? It may be difficult to find a builder that will come in on budget and have the time to build your loft conversion, for this reason we can prepare you project for builder tender. we will submit your project to a handful of selected reputable builders who will return there quote for you to approve.

  Why a Loft conversion?

Loft conversions are one of the best and increasingly popular ways to add value to your property. It's easy to see why: by extending upwards instead of outwards you don't lose any garden space, loft conversions don't tend to need planning permission but they will require building regulations approval, this means you will still be require you to submit plans, calculations, and specification for all intended works, this allows building control and there checking engineers to asses the design prior to construction. We are finding with the current climate the average home owner will save thousands of pounds as opposed to a conversion without the correct approvals with building control requirements constantly changing it can prove hard for some builders to keep up.

At Sharpe plan we will provide you with a set of plans detailing the type of materials to be used its composition and scale and specification, allowing builders to provide you with a more accurate quote not only do we also submit you plans as standard we will also deal with the building control department directly as your agent allowing for a smooth design and development process, it seems easy because it is. just let us know what you would like to do and we will let you know the type of permissions you require and services that we can provide for you.

The majority of lofts can be converted and may not need full planning permission it can often provide you with the most attractive and largest living area in your home, it also may add to the value of your property. how ever you are required by law to have building control consent this requires you to  build to specifications that meet building standards.

  Other architectural practices

While other architects are keen to charge for this service or leave you to submit your own applications we do not. we believe that you should only be concerned with your design requirements.

When speaking to builders one of the first questions they ask is "do you have a set of approved building control plans?" followed by "have you appointed a structural engineer? amongst a catalogue of other questions. when embarking on your loft conversion it's important to have a clear concise understanding of the structure, building fabric and space you are about to create. Here at sharpeplan we intend to take the hard work out of designing and planning your loft conversion conversion by offering a one stop planning and design shop.

Its true that most home owners are aware that there loft is an unused space and if they can get the right advice they could to have a loft created to there specification without the need to spend over there contingency. our planning and design service has been design to do that exactly.

Adding a loft conversion will provide the additional space that your growing family needs , let alone the fact the increased value to your property, that is a saying that is bounded about frequently but its not one that is a given fact, a loft conversion that hasn't been planed and design correctly will cost the client more than average wiping  the profit off the top. there are many new technologies that we employ that will allow you to create the space you need, the fact that we provide structural calculation in house will mean that the design and structure are in complete unison without over design. we have recently amend an overdesigned loft conversion with 5 oversized steels with a design that was picked up by building control as un buildable, we redesigned it to use 3 steels and provided full structural calculations plans detailed bespoke section details and written specification to receive a full un amended approval.


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