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My Loft conversion story at Sharpe plan

row of terrace houses

familly smileysIt all began with the planning for our new arrival Katie and Tracey.  we would need space in abundance if were not to feel  like sardines, our neighbours had renovated there home with a loft conversion that definitely transformed the way the property felt, providing all that space it could only be something  we could aspire to.


I had Googled and made some enquiries to loft conversion specialists/ construction companies, some of which were very helpful, banding about the fact that they could start work immediately using permitted development rights and building notice application. wow this would mean that we could start work in the summer during the fast approaching school holidays. the quotes came in thick and fast and varied considerably  from 27 -75k these prices were to far apart for me to feel comfortable about choosing any one company, when i ask why there prices ranged so far between, the resounding response was that there were no plans specifying exactly what  we wanted. and that they could have a set drawn up for around 2k.

So I had gathered that I would need a set of plans to get quotes that resembled something sensible. so 2k it is then.

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the whole idea of using Google in the first place was to quickly get up to speed with planning and building game and save some money in the process, 2k for a set of loft plans sounded a little high to me,  I spoke to to my father-in-law  who recommended that i find an architect, get the plans drawn up and then send them to the builders for there quote,  he said his son had done exactly that and saved over 8,500 on the best builders quote.

cost smileyI searched for an architect and found that there fees were not far from what the builders were quoting  not only that I would generally have to pay additional fees for structural engineers, and coordinate between the two. this was becoming a full recreation time killer, what with the wife's cravings and work commitments I felt that the loft conversion project could wait until i could make sense of all the information I gathered which amounted to 127 pages of lose sheets 25 website bookmarks and the topic of conversation of many dinner party's .

It was one bank holiday and I Googled planning and design service for a loft conversion and  found a company called Sharpeplan , they provided a one stop planning and design and submission service.

so I contacted them from there website using short enquiry form , the next day I received a quote that detailed the services required

 and an itemised fee schedule the total was around 950, they covered it all from surveying , structural calculations, specification, and submission. sounded like noting for me to do.  I called to discuss things further, I found out exactly what I could and couldn't do.  I then booked a site survey  and consultation. I had many sketches and ideas that needed refining. we discussed this in our 2 hour meeting. this included a full property survey much impressed as I had herd of survey taking the whole day, they had the latest laser gear which was very quick. and off they went .

approved smiley7 days later I had a set of draft drawings to discuss and mark up. I made some changes and discussed additional ideas and was quickly issued a second rendition with the changes we had discussed. I confirmed this design and they finalised and submitted both my planning and full building regulation application.

 elevation drawingsroof joist and floor joist plans

certificate smiley2 weeks later I received confirmation that our applications were validated, 4 weeks later we received our building regulation approval and 2 weeks after that we received our planning approval great stuff.

looking through the specification and details it was clear to see what materials we would need to use, dimensions, what size timber, steel, joist hangers, under floor heating, installation of the new mega-flow heating system, 3d structural drawings these plans meant business. now back to the builders for the quote.

We were able to email all the builder on our short list plus a few more. those that quoted us before had reduced there price considerably some buy as much as 12,800 that's a huge saving. plus we had quotes back 7,000 below or previous lowest quote. so we had reasonable quotes and a set of plans that explored the options available, I felt very confident that any changes would be minimal.

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